ASG Technologies in talks with BPO, retailers

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By Anna Gabriela A. Mogato

ASG TECHNOLOGIES Group, Inc. is offering its digital transformation services to retailers and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines.

In a recent interview with BusinessWorld, ASG Technologies General Manager for Asia Pacific Praveen Kumar said the company is in talks with three retail businesses and between six to eight BPOs in the Philippines.

“We are talking to most of the large enterprises in the Philippines around how they can go digital, what do they need to go digital and also these small to medium enterprises that want to take that approach because it improves productivity, reduces timeline, ensure efficiency, — there are a lot of benefits. There is a cost, initially, but the benefit happens over a period of time,” he said.

Mr. Kumar said the shift to digital is a “no brainer,” as it helps remove corruption and forgery, and increases workflow efficiency. He noted a company can save between 15-40% in costs when it upgrades its systems.

ASG provides services that include storing and managing content for enterprises, which Mr. Kumar said can speed up the company’s processes and help in the ease of doing business. According to the World Bank Group’s ease of doing business report, the Philippines ranks 99th out of the 190 countries in the list.

“In the world of instant gratification, you want the work done instantly. So, we’ve reached the stage I think where — I don’t know in the Philippines how long it takes to open a bank or a stock trading account but we’ve reached a stage in many countries in Asia where you can open a bank account in 30 minutes. You can have your debit card in 30 minutes and it can be issued to you in 30 minutes,” he added.

While there is no benchmark in gauging the pace and growth of the digital transformation in the Philippines, Mr. Kumar said both public and private sectors are on the right track in adapting to technological changes.

The shift to digital transformation, which can come in the form of intranet programs or applications exclusive to private entities or making soft copies of files accessible to a select few, may take three to five years to be fully operational.

“I think every country is taking steps to that direction. It’s an evolution, we have to be patient and today’s generation wants everything instantly,” Mr. Kumar said.

ASG Technologies opened a Philippine office in Taguig this year, after 13 years of operating through a representative office.

The company is bullish on its growth, saying its targets are in “double digits.”

“We expect a similar growth next year also in the Philippines, considering the investments that are happening here so we’re very happy and content that there’s a lot of potential to grow and succeed in the Philippines,” Mr. Kumar said.