Staying In

penny punching princess

Choosing between knuckles and a calculator


An acquired taste

Rewriting the Stars

Noir on steroids

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

A lot better than its ancestry

Do you remember when…?

An acquired taste

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ 1

Well worth its price

Lots of rhythm, a few blues

For a few hours of distraction

A Ghost Story

Comin’ around again

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

Last Recode: definitely worth its price tag

Options at a cost

Long live the…

Death is inevitable, but so is progress

Double jeopardy

With new album, Eminem finds political voice


Dirt poor

L. A. Noire 1

Recommended for first-timers


Making The Crown


La ronde

Nioh: Complete Edition

With exasperation comes satisfaction

The Crown 1

The Crown returns


More hit than miss

Fire Emblem Warriors with console

An interesting, yet annoying combination

The premature burial

Utterly ridiculous, and utterly satisfying

Ghost story

A flawed masterpiece

The beguiling mystery of the unknown

A game to try again, and again, and again

A game to try again, and again, and again




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