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LifeScience: Advancing health for Filipinos

Posted on February 01, 2017

In the past couple of years, there has been a rise in health and fitness movements to help individuals become healthier. These trends give a clear indication of how people are becoming more attuned to their health, and they are realizing how a fast-paced and on-the-go-preference lifestyle is damaging their health.

LifeScience aims to advance health for individuals who desire to live in vitality, to be in control of their well-being, and to go beyond just managing health issues.

Along with these, many individuals are seeking for more in the health care accessible. People want to delay aging, not just in the way they look but also in the way they feel and move. They want to address recurring symptoms. They want to keep their body functioning properly and prevent health issues so they can do more.

“A few years ago, people just accepted that when we reach a certain age, health issues will naturally arise, our body will naturally degenerate,” said Mitch Genato, group chief executive officer of Romlas Health Group, the company behind LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness, LifeScience Institute and Global Medical Technologies Manila.

“That is the exact mind-set that we wanted to challenge when LifeScience was set up. We want Filipinos to be aware that we can do something about our health so we can live long quality lives. We want to prove that you don’t have to deal with health issues that your family has long dealt with or that living in constant medication is not your life sentence.”

LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness was established in 2009 as the center where individuals start their journey to good health. Founded on the practice and principles of Functional Medicine, LifeScience is focused on creating health for individuals with a desire to live in vitality, rather than just managing health issues. The Center, aptly located in Bonifacio Global City, is a venue where its doctors and patients can collaborate in regaining and achieving optimum health.

LifeScience is the brainchild of its owner and executive director Marv Romero-Salas. She has always had a passion for attaining good health, traveling and attending medical conventions in different countries, even as she is not a medical practitioner, just to be updated on recent developments in the medical industry. Her travels and experiences in other countries opened her eyes on how health care and the medical industry are advancing, and this fired-up her desire to make these advancements available to Filipinos.

“Our health is a continuum; we need to be proactive about it if we want to enjoy the benefits of living in good health. LifeScience is proud of how it is well-equipped with up-to-date knowledge and tools to provide the needs of its patients, however, active participation of patients is as important. Our Functional Medicine practitioners lend expertise on how patients can win back their health, and guide their journey towards a health goal. We get them to understand what is going-on in their body and why they are experiencing such symptoms. Once they understand all of these, they should now be the champions of their health, willing to make some adjustments in their lifestyle to meet the set health goal,” continues Mr. Genato.

“We’ve seen how a patient’s attitude towards his or her own health changes the moment he or she understands it. They naturally become more proactive, and experience notable results,” adds Mr. Genato.

LifeScience brings into the country advance medical practices and technologies from more developed countries such as the US, Europe and some parts of Asia, such as genomic sensors, lifestyle and sleep analysis, nutrition test, among others. These medical advancements allow LifeScience to better see and understand two things that matter to the health of our patients: genetics and environment.

“While genetics is already pre-programmed, how it manifests can be altered by your environment. We help our patients realize the connection between their lifestyle, habits, beliefs and genetic predisposition. Then it becomes the starting point of our journey from just not being sick to living in optimum health,” shared Mr. Genato.

LifeScience currently offer four core programs: the Core Nutrition Program, Inherited Disease Screening & Intervention Program, Reverse Chronic Disease Program, and Weight and Metabolic Management Program. Because health is personal, these programs are tailor fitted to the needs of the patient. The journey starts with an extensive consult with a Functional Medicine physician to understand the patient’s lifestyle, habits, and health history, it is then followed by a series of tests to validate the physician’s initial prognosis. After a thorough review of the tests results the physician gets a clear picture of the patient’s health profile, it is only then that a personalized program is recommended to address a health issue at the root cause or to achieve a specific health goal.

Today, LifeScience is proud to have helped numerous clients win back their health. Their testimonies on how their life improved because their health is better is the true mark of the center’s success and that they are moving in the right direction in helping Filipinos advance their health.

“In our pursuit to become healthier, to prevent health issues and delay aging, we have to be mindful that our health is determined by our nutrition, exercise, quality of sleep, stress, weight issues, and negative behaviors. When we keep these determinants in check, we are already investing in our health, and with proper guidance from experts winning back health, preventing health issues, and achieving health goals is possible,” concluded Mr. Genato.