The Dark Knight descends on popular MOBA game AOV

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Batman AOV

LOOKING to extend pickup of its popular 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game Arena of Valor, developers Garena and Tencent Games said their recent partnership with DC Comics has allowed them to feature some of the comic book publisher’s known characters.

In a announcement shared to BusinessWorld recently, Garena said Batman is the first DC Comic hero to be made available for Arena of Valor (AOV).

Starting last Friday, Batman has been added as a permanently free-to-play character for all players in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, Garena said.

Players of AOV can own The Dark Knight hero by simply logging into the game.

Garena said the arrival of Batman is a result of Tencent’s collaboration with DC Comic to produce iconic characters that will be included in the game along with the 36 heroes currently available to play.

It further said that it expects the Batman character to enhance player experience with Arena of Valor, released in the region in October 2016, and in the country just last month.

“Batman is expected to be a crowd favorite with his high-burst damage and his ability to move in and out of battles swiftly. The Dark Knight has the ability to deal sufficient damage with his skill rotation, allowing his teammates to clean up the battlefield. This melee assassin is predicted to be a popular pick especially among high-skilled players who enjoy strategizing and manipulating their hero’s skills to counter enemies,” Garena said in the announcement.

During their launch of Arena of Valor in the country, Garena said its move to bring the game into the country is in recognition of the thriving e-sports scene in the Philippines.

“We are excited to launch Arena of Valor in the Philippines as Asia represents a multibillion-dollar gaming industry with 80% of its gamers playing mobile games,” said Jan Frederic Chiong, country manager for Garena Philippines, in a statement.

“As a game publisher, Garena has spearheaded various top-tier titles across Southeast Asia to great effect. As we welcome the latest addition to our growing list, we aim for AOV to be positioned as the best mobile experience for gamers in the Philippines,” the Garena official added.

Garena AOV can be downloaded through the Google App Store for Android users as well as through the Apple App Store for iOS users.

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