Dependable road partner

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Pickup trucks have long been a reliable partner on the road when hauling or carrying heavy things around. With improving features throughout time, this multipurpose type of vehicle has been a go-to choice for car buyers nowadays whether it be for business purposes or family trips.

One of the advantages of this practical vehicle is its reliable truck bed. Some models have powerful carrying capacities that are able to bear more than 1,000 kilograms or a ton of weight. This bed is also commended for its versatility as its tailgate can be extended, and be used during picnics or as a surface to place things during outdoor activities.

Apart from this main feature, experts say that car buyers depend on this vehicle because it is generally heavy-duty, and can meet tough requirements on the road because of its bigger built; reinforced suspension; strengthened tires and wheels; and raised ride height.

Apart from providing the driver a good view of the road, this increased ride height proves to be advantageous in certain local road situations like floods. Pickups can afford to be submerged in impassable roads and still wade through certain levels of water compared to other vehicle types. This workhorse can also survive different kinds of terrain during off-road trips whether it’s muddy, rocky, or even sandy.

Unlike old pickup truck models, those offered in the market today have additional seating capacities for more passengers — making pickups a popular option for families as well., a nonprofit organization that does consumer research and product testings, said in a recent article that sales of this vehicle type are picking up, and is also being utilized as a family vehicle.

“Truck makers today are building pickups with broader appeal, with a softer ride and more safety, convenience, and comfort features. As a result, pickups are now attracting more buyers, including those who like the addition of backseats and more cab space and don’t seem to mind sacrificing some truck bed length for the extra room inside,” the report said.

In relation to this, more attention are given to a pickup truck’s cabin features. While it may have a commanding presence on the road with its sturdy appearance, pickup trucks these days have luxurious amenities and top-notch safety features that make it more enviable.

Some latest models available in the market feature a ‘soft side’ to the otherwise perceived tough-on-the-road truck. Among these features include touch screen entertainment system; premium audio systems; and USB, DVD and/or CD connectivity among others — all for the enjoyment of its passengers.

Built with comfort in mind, these trucks’ spacious cabins also feature additional amenities such as soft pad armrests on the middle as well as on the doors for extra comfort especially during long rides. Other models also consider ease of driving, thereby designing driver seats that help reduce fatigue.

The report added that although this type of vehicle remains popular to male car buyers, sales of pickup trucks to women are increasing recently. — Romsanne R. Ortiguero