Globe creates love that moves

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Nanette Franco-Diyco

OVER THE WEEKEND in Pattaya, Thailand, Globe won a precious silver award in the 19th Adfest, a prestigious advertising awards-giving body in the Asian region, for its interactive viral video. This material, produced by Publicis Jimenez Basic, was for #CreateCourage — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, celebrating Globe’s partnership with Disney.

Globe creates love that moves

This same month, I came across another Globe Philippines digital material on another Disney film that opened during the weekend in local theaters. The digital material was edited into a 30-second commercial that was launched on television a week before the theaters’ opening of Beauty and the Beast.

Publicis Jimbasic went to town again dramatizing the tagline of the total Globe brand, “Create Love that Moves,” this time advertising Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The creative team explored the same emotional thrust which leaves the viewer with a now familiar “kurot sa puso” (tug at the heartstrings). I interviewed director Joel Limchoc who gamely revealed these directorial nuggets:

“In terms of characterization, I want to portray Lolo as a reflection of the Beast wherein his character deteriorates from a brilliant dancer in his prime to a washed-up has-been. At this point, he has become a form of recluse shrouded in the dark shadows of his mansion, hiding behind the reminders and memories of better days.

“But this is not to last for long. He eventually receives an invitation to a dance, which prompts him to get back on his feet. As we see him progressing, he slowly becomes more comfortable with being surrounded by light as he finds the motivation to dance again.

“At the night of the dance, he arrives as a seemingly different person, now dressed in the dancing clothes of his youth. As he walks through the curious crowd, we see that he is surrounded by shadows once again, as if reluctance and fear is trying to bear down on him. Nevertheless, he persistently walks on.

“In terms of lighting, we want to create the poignant mood of what the Lolo is feeling in the setup. Lots of shadows in the environment tells a story of emptiness. Color palette was also based on the actual Beauty and the Beast film: Blues on the shadows, warm tones in the highlights.

“Music plays a key role in the spot; it links the whole simple narrative to the actual film, Beauty and the Beast. It also sets the whole mood, from a lonely old man, to becoming a gracious dancer, thereby allowing the beauty to shine out of the beast.”

I congratulate director Limchoc and the entire Globe and PJB teams for tapping what is inherent in any transformation brought about by love. In both Disney films, I was struck by the teams’ outstanding unique choice of love within the family. In the first we felt immense gratitude for the brother taking fantastic care of his ailing younger brother; ditto for the beautiful debutante sharing the limelight with heartfelt love for her Lolo in the second.

Publicis business unit head Raffy Parcon informed me that the grandfather is Leo Rialp, a renowned theater actor, whose transformation in the commercial made one feel the magic of physical, mental, and spiritual conversion. Account Manager Ish Abat called it heartwarming, moving and nostalgic.

We have had a near avalanche of beautiful, sentimental commercials in recent months. But perhaps I personally just find the Globe duo most special and timely during the Lenten season where we focus on those nearest and dearest to us: our family members. Absolutely inspiring!

Credits. Client: Globe Telecom. Creative agency, Publicis Jimenez Basic: Katie Santos, executive officer, client & business development; Raffy Parcon, business unit head; Ish Abat, account manager. Creatives: Trixie Diyco, executive creative director; Alnair Langkay, group creative director; Lowell San Jose, associate creative director; Marielle Nones, art director; Leslie Cua, copywriter. Production: Pabrika, production house. Joel Limchoc, director. Hit Productions, sound production house. Leslie Perez, producer.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, currently teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.