Job seekers doing more research on employers

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Call center employees sit at computer terminals at the Teletech call BPO solutions company in Mandaluyong city. -- BW FILE PHOTO

ONLINE employment platform said usage of its company review feature increased 85% since its launch in 2016, which it said indicates that job seekers are looking for more information on prospective employers.

In a statement, said that since the feature in May 2016, growth in review submissions for Company Reviews in the Philippines continues to be encouraging.

The feature is user-generated, allowing job seekers to gain insight into prospective companies, which can influence their career choices — particularly information on company culture, work-life balance and development opportunities.

The feature allows former and current employees of a company to give ratings on a five-star scale, and to give feedback on the company. Any registered user of can access the company reviews.

“Companies and candidates seem to have trouble finding the right fit… The company culture may not match the candidates’ career aspiration at hand. Looking at this, we realized that information gaps may prevent the right candidate from ever learning about a company’s culture that might be a right fit,” Philip Gioca, Country Manager of Philippines,  said in a statement.

“There is no good or bad job. There are only jobs that will be aligned to candidate needs, bringing the right fit and professional fulfilment. A job can be much more than a pay check if you let it, and we believe everyone deserves to have the information they need to build a career that brings them joy and excitement.” and jobsDB are part of SEEK Asia, a leading online employment marketplace in Asia. SEEK Asia covers seven markets — Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. — Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo