After blockchain, Pacquiao invests in tech startup

The boxing superstar-turned-legislator recently led the seed funding of a local car rental platform.

Five other startups that are solving Manila’s traffic

It's not just Uber and Grab.

An online platform for social enterprises? Oui, oui.

If you want to start a social enterprise but don’t know where to start, MakeSense has got you covered.

Is this ‘academy’ purveying male self-confidence or rape culture?

Products range from a P470-worth “Smooth Seduction” E-book to a 10-day intensive training with a price tag of P48,000.

A conglomerate just acquired ChatbotPH amid the anticipated rise of AI

It’s better to be prepared after all.

Winners of Globe ProjectEd shot short films on their mobile phones

Senior high students from all over the Philippines submitted short films shot using their mobile phones.

CONTEST ALERT: BPI Sinag is looking for social enterprises

As much as P100,000 is at stake!

Teaching the poor social entrepreneurship so they can be employers

A social entrep school for the poor exists, and big companies are cashing in.

Would you pay 700% more to rent in Maginhawa? This couple...

Is it worth transferring from Lilac to Maginhawa?

Inside QBO’s social network app for startups and investors

The mobile app aims to connect startup founders and budding technopreneurs with mentors, investors, and partners.

Something old, something new, something… sponsored?

Billy Crawford clarified that his alleged prenup photos with Coleen Garcia were from a “tourism shoot.” However, the concept of sponsored weddings isn’t new.

EducationUSA will host its third US university fair

Explore the educational opportunities in the Land of the Free.

Finalists of Pioneer Insurance and Team Manila’s Graphic Shirt contest

College students design shirts on kindness.

Crisis management lessons from the Cats of BGC catastrophe

Shangri‑La at the Fort faced social media backlash for its treatment of BGC cats. It’s something we all can learn from.

Baguio was named a UNESCO creative city. Where are the millennials?

The summer capital is now part of 180‑member UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The exhibition that celebrates it is devoid of young ones.

When the CCP encouraged taking selfies

During the Pasinaya 2018, the Cultural Center of the Philippines was packed with millennials and their selfie sticks.

MSMEs may soon get Google‑verified easier with the help of DTI

The tech giant is in the initial phase of partnering with the department to validate local businesses that register on Google My Business.

Competition alert: Help the United Nations attain its Sustainable Development Goals

The Merit360 Philippines is a two‑week program this April open to Filipino youth.

Hacks for future food business bosses

Ready to be a food business boss? You might want to wait.

Spicy, explosive, chicken‑y world domination for Tetsuo

For the millennial owners of Tetsuo, the lack of a culinary background can be remedied by a punch of marketing knowhow.

COMPETITION ALERT: Got a novel idea to improve financial literacy in...

At stake are grant funding worth ₱100,000 from Sun Life Foundation, crowdfunding support from The Spark Project, and a chance to develop their initiatives in a Social Impact Bootcamp by The Spark Project.

Millennial‑run crowdfunding platform brings ‘bayanihan’ to entreps

The Spark Project has raised 5.8 million from some 2,678 backers for 63 projects of creative entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Rappler’s uphill battle as a tech startup

More than a test case for press freedom, Rappler’s fight to challenge SEC’s decision and continue its operation can be seen as an uphill battle of a struggling tech startup.

A co‑working space especially for ‘designpreneurs’ in New Manila

Paperwork PH is a co‑working space for interior designers and architects.

COMPETITION ALERT: IdeaSpace mounts competition for tech startups

Aside from equity‑free cash worth ₱500,000, winners will also receive office space, communications software, legal documentation, and mentorship from executives of First Pacific Co. Ltd. and Asian Institute of Management, among other prices.

Buzz cuts paired with custom designer coffee? The modern barbershop, according...

Filipino startup BaseUp created a booking platform for the beauty and wellness industry, which provides business insights and customer relationship management support.

TJ Manotoc’s new YouTube channel tackles mental health

You Will Be Alright, the name of both the FB page and YouTube channel, is dedicated to a fellow patient who had bipolar disorder.

How this food business won the heart of ‘u‑belt’ students

From a mere kiosk to a growing food business set to launch its first branch in a mall.

The craft of selling crafts

Acclaimed artists share tips on how to turn a profit from their work.

Got a short film idea? Here’s how you can enter the...

The Philippine independent film festival is accepting entries for the August 2018 run.

The drama behind Diet Diva

Founder Kakki Teodoro talks about the theatrics of running a diet delivery service.

The best moments in the startup scene in 2017

The year carried new milestones for the country’s startup community.

A paw‑mazing social enterprise

The world's Communitails was founded by dog lovers who believe in the healing power of the human‑animal bond.

Aside from first dibs, what did the first 50 iPhone X...

A ₱64,000 phone and a whole lotta VIP treatment.

This e‑Learning startup aims to be the Uber of edtech industry

Bizcool promises to teach the ropes of entrepreneurship in a “less academic and more practical” way.

How big data can benefit retailers according to Adobomall and Kris...

This new e‑commerce platform provides big data to its partner retailers.

Google sees next billion users from ‘emerging countries’ like Philippines amid...

With the growing number of Filipinos using internet through mobile devices, Google said its next billion users may emerge from the Philippines.

Fancy a scholarship in France? Check this out

The French Embassy just launched a scholarship program for Filipinos. Here are the details.

How the new Datally app will help you manage your mobile...

It will also let you know nearby wi‑fi networks.

The Facebook black market for abortion

You can buy anything on Facebook, including abortifacients.

Ateneo is offering a Master’s in big data by 2018 and...

Even universities are keen to adapt to new technologies.

The future of businesses and jobs

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are seen to change the nature of businesses and jobs in the near future.

The ‘Put up your own coffee shop’ starter pack

A definitive list from ideation to construction.

Will AI kill the Filipino workforce?

While it is seen to bring cost efficiency to businesses, some see artificial intelligence as a threat that could leave a big number of Filipinos unemployed.

A peek into DTI’s plan to support startups

From attracting investors and providing incentives to creating a venture fund, the Department of Trade and Industry is looking into possible ways to develop the country’s startup ecosystem.

Francis Kong & ChatbotPH’s Stephen Ku launch a platform for young...

Project Ripple is a learning platform for young to harness their passion, purpose and productivity.

Startups from across Southeast Asia pitch ideas on risk reduction

Twenty selected enterprises used their existing products, services, and business models to present new ways to address environmental disasters, outbreaks or pandemics, and conflicts and violence.

Filipino startups are competing at an ASEAN‑wide pitch competition

The United Nations Development Programme, QBO Innovation Hub, and Philippines Disaster Resilience Foundation, through the “Startups to the Resque” pitch competition, call on startups around Southeast Asia to present ways to address pressing global issues using their products or services and business models.

Steel straw company that started on Ateneo Trade has a social...

Sip, headed by 21‑ to 22‑year‑old students at the Ateneo De Manila University.

At an ‘agri hackathon,’ millennials address farming woes

During Innovation Olympics 2017, a competition organized by vegetable seed company East‑West Seed, students address real‑life challenges of vegetable farmers.

How to lure millennials

It is not enough for businesses to know that millennials are now among the biggest group of people with a high purchasing power.

Are bloggers journalists?

Veteran journalists debate on blogging and journalism in social media.

YouTube announces NextUp 2017 winners

Check out who won the talent search for YouTube creators with 10K to 100K subscribers.

How a house party evolved into a Maginhawa café

Snacks and Ladders, a boardgame café along Maginhawa, has an old‑school history.

Financial inclusion? Not apps. Let them text

BIMA, a Swedish insurance tech player, knows the importance of reaching out to emerging markets. But unlike most disruptive technologies, it didn’t develop another app.

The next thing your business may need is a ‘bot’

Fresh off a failed eight‑year tech startup run, a trio of Filipino business founders decided to go for chatbots.

A peek into a 22‑year‑old’s strategy for virtual reality

Veer Immersive Technology is led by a guy who thinks that VR can be “easy to swallow.”

A trip down Filipino millennials’ search trends

Popular search keywords include “How to travel alone,” “how to handle stress at work,” and “how to burp a baby”

How PETA uses theater to fight historical revisionism

Ramon Magsaysay Awardee PETA plays a role against the attacks against historical fact.

City‑based surfers champion an online bus ticket booking platform

Formed after a casual lunch, Biyaheroes is a centralized reservations platform inspired by the same process airlines use to reserve tickets.

The secret lives in pet cafés

Bengal Brew Cat Café and Wolf & Bear owner keeps his large breeds healthy in the city.

Inside the newest incubator co‑founded by a Silicon Valley alum

The incubator was built by a deep‑pocketed VC and an institute established in partnership with Harvard Business School.

How three guys built a business out of feels

Former Presidential staffers put their unsolicited humor on t‑shirts, and sold them under the brand name Linya‑Linya.

Why a Korean energy drink is banking on e‑sports

Bacchus Energy Drink is cashing in on young Filipino gamers who are turning e‑sports into a legitimate career with a monthly salary.

The intersection of social media and a social entrepreneurship

Yuki Tansengco’s pilot line of woven bags called Style Cat Resort sold out in only a week—and she owes it to social media.

Meet Alyssa Valdez: star athlete, cook, server, and cashier

The killer inside the volleyball court is also slaying it in the food industry, while patiently learning the basics.

YouTube opens the NextUp competition

The world’s most popular video‑streaming company is giving Filipino YouTubers a chance to create more powerful stories.

Out of the basement and into hip cafés: Board games are...

Welcome to the growing club of casual and hardcore board game hobbyists, enjoy your coffee and pasta while you game. Look inside your heart and accept it: you’re a geek now.

A horror video game is born (thanks to crowdfunding)

A company of Filipino millennial game developers is launching The Letter, a visual novel financed by other gamers on a popular crowdfunding platform.

Saving the world through energy preservation

Young Filipinos are pitching projects that address issues in energy consumption around the world.

Parking your car? This app may help you

Tech startup Fetch provides users with on‑demand valets.

Why local brands go Japanese

Filipinos have long been lured by art inspired by Japanese animation and comics. The fixation runs deep.

Why we need ‘sexy’ robots in the Philippines

How do we spark interest in robotics in our “low‑tech” nation?

Out of the closet, into the clothing industry

Kaye Morales, a fashion designer‑turned‑entrepreneur, is a lesbian and proud.

Why SMEs remain chill despite tensions all over the globe

Business game strong.

The rainbow‑colored gap in the print industry

There’s a gap in the publishing industry that indie publishing is trying to fix.

How to remain Filipino in the age of online trolls

“Make sure that every day you call yourself a Filipino.”

The best hack to secure a site? An actual hacker

It is the “most effective” way.

10 startup pitches that are totally lit

We sat in the Supercollider pitching session and rounded up these cool new business ideas.

Female powerhouses sound off on what it’s really like to be...

At the ‘She for She’ forum in Manila, women from different sectors, including the LGBT, had a lot to voice out.

Inspiring advice about digital—so you won’t fall behind

10 epic tech leaders and their thoughts on disruption, AO, IoT, data, analytics and more.