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Living up to its promise

SINCE its inception in 2005, Sega’s Yakuza series has invariably churned out virtual masterpieces. While a bit all over the place at times, this part family drama, part mafia flick, and part martial arts and adventure franchise has always boasted of top-notch quality in terms of presentation and humor. In this regard, Yakuza 6 does not disappoint; it offers the same blend of action, comedy, and emotional heft via traditionally outstanding production values.

Curry’s bomb

As expected, the Warriors jumped on the Cavaliers early and made the final outcome a formality yesterday. After having evaded embarrassment in Game One with a combination of skill and luck, they knew well enough to hit the ground running and impose their will on the match from the get-go. The result was a wire-to-wire laugher that exposed the glaring disparity in talent between the protagonists. The O was rocking in part because of poor coverage from the visitors, and in larger measure because the hosts were playing with such sharpness that no defense could have stopped them with consistency.

Cinematic and polished

FAR CRY 5 will not come as a shock to those who have been following the series since its inception in 2004. Characterized by open-world gameplay and satisfying gunplay, each of its releases has consistently strived to be bigger and badder than the previous one. And while its iterations don’t stray too far from its tried-and-tested formula, every new addition brings good things worthy of praise, Far Cry 5 included.

20-year-old series shows why it works

By Alexander O. Cuaycong and Anthony L. Cuaycong WITHOUT fail save for a brief interlude at the turn of the millennium, the Atelier series has churned...

Puzzling through

Video Game Review Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma PlayStation 4 By Alexander O. Cuaycong and Anthony L. Cuaycong AS THE third title in the Zero Escape series developed by Spike...

A fantastically fun title

By Alexander O. Cuaycong and Anthony L. Cuaycong Videogame Review Prey PlayStation 4 IN 2006, Human Head Studios released Prey, a run-and-gun shooter, for the PC and XBox...

Bad luck

Any trade for Paul George would have been a huge gamble. Given how he telegraphed his intentions for his 2018 free-agency foray, he positioned...

George trade deal

Scratched heads are what the Pacers got when they opted to send Paul George the Thunder's way. The confused looks came with the package...