How to turn your passion for travel into a business

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By Saccharine Mae Elupre

There is nothing so good with travelling the world and working at the same time! With a growing market for travelers and people always want or need to go to places, a travel agency is a viable and cost-effective venture don’t you think?

But as you are about to enter the exciting travel and tourism industry, you may want to be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge from a certified training institute to get you started.

The Travel Depot, started as a full service Travel Agency in 2008, eventually launched their Consultancy Department to develop formal education on Travel Entrepreneurship since 2010. Their mission is to help ordinary people achieve their travel dreams and earn both at the same time by putting up their own travel agency business.

Founded by two travel aficionados, award-winning travel business experts, consultants, and speakers, Mr. William Paul Amorsolo II (President) and Ms. Sharon Perez (Executive Vice President), continue to empower and inspire aspiring travel entrepreneurs through their monthly seminarson the copyrighted How To Put Up Your Own Travel AgencySeminar.

Travel Depot providestheir affiliates a direct link to travel suppliers both locally and internationally. An extensive training will be given by offering relevant learning sessions including travel agency operations, trade know-how and secrets, marketing, and even post-learning programs, making them well-rounded and competent in their respective travel agency businesses.

Not only just their goal to help achievepeople’stravel dreams but changing their lives as well by turning their travel business dreams into reality has been their very success.Fast forward today, they have the largest network of 1,500 independent travel agency affiliates all over the nation.


To learn more on how to turn your passion into a business, feel free to contact Travel Depot at  0917-6800968, 0922-8116912, 0908-8913880 and their landline 631-0018, 503-9585, 267-2895. You can also visit their office at 2803 Jollibee Plaza, F. OrtigasCenter, Pasig City. Or visit their website www.the