Upcoming Toyota Century retains classical looks

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ROLLS-ROYCE has done a great job at sticking to its classical design language even if it has embraced new technology. Toyota is taking the same route with one of its upcoming models.

Toyota Motor Corp., ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 that’s set to open on Oct. 25, announced it will be presenting its latest version of the Century, the car maker’s limousine first made in 1967, and which is intended mainly for its home market. Toyota said the car will reach Japan showrooms in mid-2018.

The new third-generation Century — the first-gen soldiered on for 30 years — continues on the tradition of master craftsmanship and high-quality “monozukuri,” or “all-encompassing manufacturing,” according to a Toyota statement. The car will be environment-friendly though, the company assured.

Also expected to continue in the new Century is its focus on passenger comfort, and Toyota said the car will feature “advanced equipment and amenities suitable for a luxury limousine.” Further helping are the longer wheelbase, a lower doorsill and higher door cutouts, all of which improve access to the backseat. Japanese design elements are also used throughout the car, Toyota said.

Powering the new Century is a 5.0-liter V8 with direct injection that’s paired with a two-stage electric motor, creating a hybrid power plant. This, Toyota said, cuts fuel use and noise.

A mix of classical and modern, the new Century promises to be.